Thursday, 29 March 2012

50% fantasy 50% truth pt2

Lish and I started going out on Feb 12th and it was valentines night in two days and all the single girls were in the campus, dressed in their best shirts and denim jeans, rolexes and their super cars and bikes to woo us boys and have a sexy boy in a dress and high heels for the V-night.
Just as any other day, all the guys in Perfectland(the name of our locality) were in our campus gossiping about the pretty guys, but i was very anxiously waiting for Lish as she had promised me a surprise before valentines day.
I was sitting near a garden pool, wearing a yellow off-shoulder dress that hung just above my knees, with a pink ribbon under my chest that matched with my panties and put on green danglings that Lish got me after our first kiss, I had put on strawberry lipstick again as Lish loved to kiss me on strawberry lipstcik and let my luscious brown hair loose and had styled it with curls at the tip and ended my styling with 4 inch heels.As i texted Lish and she promised to arrive in twenty minutes, I saw Rick walking towards me, Rick and Lish had just broken up a few weeks ago and he was one hot bomb for all the girls.It was like he was a female's desire and a male's envy. He had thiis near lower back length blonde hair that he always swayed and adjusted with pouting lips and always dropped his handbag on purpose and bent down to pick it up showing his panties to the the estrogen hiked girls in the campus, all we boys hated him and called him a bimbo.
Rick came to me adjusting his hair and sat next to me and started applying some pink lipstick when he started speaking to me "So, has Lish got you a dress for Vnight?" he asked, "No and i am waiting for her, so please don't irritate me with your over made up face and leave" i said angrily as i could imagine Lish kissing her and was feeling very jealous."You insecure Bitch." he screamed and left swaying his locks.
Lish came and picked me up in her new ferrari and took me to my surprise and during the drive I asked her, where we were heading to and she asked me to wait and watch.
The car stopped at a boutique and I was very excited and screamed like a little boy and jumped and hugged Lish thanking her for this amazing surprise.I expected she would get me a dress for Vnight,Rick the bitch will die of jealousy when he finds me in a gorgeous dress walking hands in hands with Lish on V night is the first thought that came to my mind when i entered the boutique.
I was uncontrollable during our time in the boutique, i giggled,danced and was smiling all the way as i bought an orange and brown mixed party dress, lots of nail polish and gorgeous silver colored 6 inch heels and hugged Lish again when she paid the bill.
We were back in the car, driving towards my house when Lish asked me what i thought about our future together and i said i want to get married to her as soon as she was ready for the responsibility,that's when she asked "Are you ready to be my wife already?what about tour future career plans?" I replied saying "Career? what career do i have? See honey, I am a very boyish boy,once we are married i will be your loyally wedded housewife and take care of our house and what do i have to worry about when i have such a charming husband who can achieve anything she wants? all i will work is on making you stay crazy for me." "that shouldn't be much of a task, you will have to take my name when we get married, you know that right?" she asked "of course, 'Simona Fliesha' i can already feel it" i said as we reached my house.Lish opened the door for me and i got down taking my hand bag and new clothes and accessories."see you tomorrow honey lips" Lish said as we kissed and i went home blushing.

                 be continued............................

Saturday, 24 March 2012

50% fantasy 50 % truth

This blog is only for people who think and believe that men in the world need to be feminized and made submissive wives and women should be strong, independent, daring and the dominating husband in the house.
Its time that we men start wearing  panties and let the women wear the pants in the house.
I have been very fortunate in this case i have never had to fight or struggle for the beautiful life i have lived.
I am Simona, I am a 23 year old male.When i was born, my parents, who were part time crossdressers, decided that I should not live in the closet and named me a female name and bought me up as a delicate and pretty barbie doll.I never cut my hair short and i had my ears pierced and wore bra,panties,skirts,low waist jeans,mary janes, high heel shoes, ear rings,danglings,bangles and all girly stuff 24*7 and i have a very sweet girly voice.
My parents who turned their marriage into a permanent role reversed one, when I was 8, bought me up to be the prettiest boy in school and my parents encouraged many families in our locality to adapt this lifestyle and within an year or two, all the men in our surroundings had long hair, styled up and lushy,wore dresses,stockings,earrings,high heels,makeup,took their wives' last name and became home makers, where as the women wore tuxedos, formal shirts, loose t-shirts,flat shoes,short haircut, absolutely no makeup or jewellery and were the breadwinners of the family.The kids were also made to follow this lifestyle and by the time i went to high school, all we boys used to do night-outs in each other's houses doing each other's make up,hair styles,gossiping and crying over petty issues,whereas the girls used to get drunk,watch porn,go on bike rides.Life was good.

My parents always told me that I would one day find my princess charming, who'd sweep me of my feet and make me fall head over heels in soulful love with her and i waited for and dreamt about that day every night. 

That day in college, me and my guy friends roaming in our campus talking about the new frilly pink off-shoulder dress a boy from our class was wearing with pink danglings and strawberry lipstick just to impress his girlfriend, so that she will take him on a ride in her new car.Suddenly as I was about to leave, Lish, a six foot tall, muscular and very handsome girl in my neighborhood and my college mutual friend stopped my way and said "Hey, Simo, I wanted to ask you something", my face went red as I always had a crush on Lish and was hoping she would ask me out."Ya,Lish tell me" I responded blushing. "Will you be my valentine?" She asked and i went on cloud nine and nodded,now blushing uncontrollably.As soon as I said yes Lish picked me in her muscular arms and kissed me passionately and swept me off my feet tasting my burgandi lipstick in the course of work..........

                                            To be continued....................................